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Photochemical CO2 Utilisation

The renewable electricity powered such as solar energy Carbon dioxide Reduction (CO2RR) offers a means to store intermittent electricity as a dispatchable fuels and valuable chemical feedstocks. The SCP group Photocatalysis team has a primary research interest to develop and understanding of low cost, industrially viable inorganic semiconductor which can harnessing CO2 from atmosphere and convert it into valuable chemical feedstocks. The group mainly undertakes fundamental scientific research in Solid State Chemistry and Photochemistry and try to combine both regime and triggers a new way of research in development of new material that can be able to photo-reduce the CO2 in three pathways:

  • Photocatalytic

  • Photo-electrocatalytic

  • Photo-thermocatalytic

One of the main branches of this kind of research requires using of Transient Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, In-situ IR and Raman spectroscopy, Surface Photovoltage (SPV), EPR etc. to probe the actual mechanistic pathway and to track the pathway of photoexcited electron to understand the energy transfer in relevant pathway. The study mainly employs the fundamental concept of Solid-State Chemistry in order to design new strategy of Photocatalytic and Photo-electrocatalytic CO2 reduction and study their interface mechanism.

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