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CO2 Capture & Thermochemical Utilisation

In the field of CO2 capture and conversion, there have been many technological advancements. However, the high temperature and pressure requirement for activation and regeneration of material is a huge hurdle to cross. Chemicals like methanol, ethanol, higher hydrocarbons, olefins, and polycarbonates, which are obtained via the exploitation of fossil fuels, can be produced from captured CO2. As a group, we propose metal-doped amine porous materials for CO2 capture and tuned intermetallic systems supported on inert or surface oxygen-deficient compounds e.g., SBA-15, ZrO2, In2O3, Y2O3, etc. for converting the regenerated CO2 to chemicals. Our group’s forte is capturing CO2 and converting it to industrial raw materials that can be used to replace the chemicals procured through fossil fuels extraction. Thereby, forming a loop of carbon, where the CO2 can be utilized and then captured again and further again closing the loop for additional CO2 emissions from fossils.

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