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SSCCL wishes everyone a very

Happy Thanksgiving 

A transition to green energy is about making an investment in future


Latest News

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Lab 2 market: JNCASR to set up India's first CO2-to-methanol in Telangana 

Congratulations Risov for the recent publication in Angew Chem


Tweaking Photo CO2 Reduction by Altering Lewis Acidic Sites in Metalated-Porous Organic Polymer for Adjustable H2/CO Ratio in Syngas Production

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Congratulations Risov for the recent publication in JACS

Selective Metal-Free CO2 Photoreduction in Water Using Porous Nanostructures with Internal Molecular Free Volume

Soumi for the recent publication in ACS nano

Distortion Induced Interfacial Charge Transfer at Single Cobalt Atom Secured on Ordered Intermetallic Surface Enhances Pure Oxygen Production

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Congratulations Veenu for the recent publication in Chem Catalysis

A Comprehensive Overview on Catalytic Pathway for CO2 Utilization with Epoxide to Cyclic Carbonate 


Pinned Highlights

Congratulations Soumi, Debabrata, Ashutosh, and Riyaz for the recent publication in Journal of Chemical Society (JACS)

In-situ Mechanistic Insights for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Chemically Modulated Ordered Intermetallic Catalyst Promoting Complete Electron Transfer

Congratulations Debabrata, Ashutosh, and Arjun for the recent publication in Advanced Materials

Congratulations Soumi, Debabrata, Risov, and Ashutosh for the recent publication in Advanced Materials

Morphology Tuned Pt3Ge Accelerates Water Dissociation to Industrial Standard Hydrogen Production over a wide pH Range

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Congratulations Risov, Kousik and Bitan for the recent publication in Energy and Environmental Science 


JNCASR is proud to establish National Centre for Carbon Capture and Utilization (NCCCU), a Centre of Excellence in the field of CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage, supported by DST India.

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About us

The group focuses on the Design and development of inorganic materials  for CO2 capture and reduction to value added chemicals (methanol, ethanol, DME, CH4, olefines), catalysts for Fuel Cell and water splitting, electrodes for energy storage (batteries) and catalysts for the important industrial organic reactions. The group also concentrates the synthesis of novel intermetallic compounds and discovers its novel magnetic and transport properties. The team also translates the fundamental research on CO2 reduction to the industry through its own start-up Breathe Applied Sciences Pvt Ltd.

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